Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss Singapore 09'

I can't believe that she will speaks in such!
i think there are tonnes more Singaporean girls can speaks better then her..
anyway Miss Ris Low.. my sis..lolz
good luck!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Water: Fountain of Health

Do you believe that drink sufficient of water actually brings you something
that is far more important than anything else?

Yes, it's true.HEALTH.

A good one.

Few months back, my dad encounter one of his client telling him
"are you sick.....? I think you need a medical checkup"

Don't know from where out of sudden, someone had helped him.
Which my whole family feel grateful about.
So my dad went for a medical checkup and done with some blood test
and found he have high blood pressure.

So the doctor prescribe medicine to him and did ask him
"what makes you in good health?"

because all of the others stuffs such as cholesterol level, glucose level
and so are in a very good level
just besides the high blood pressure
because the doctor said anyone in this age are most
likely to diagnose with high blood pressure
and furthermore, he have to woke up very early in the morning for work
and so it's not a surprise.

and my dad answer
"i drink a lot of water everyday"

not sure if that's a proven theory but there still some possibilities.

anyway, i just wanna wish my family
good health always.

Good boy Gone bad


Friday, September 25, 2009

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

this sounds ridiculous...but this is my supper last night
talking about the McDonald's as supper..
it's our routine every end of the month
but last night
less 2 kaki d..hehehe
so we decided have the burger without you 2!!

and i realise, when ever 2 out of 4 had this supper, i'm always the 1 in that 2
so i never missed the supper. damn it!

Do you love assignments?

This is what happen to most of us right now.
And only one word to describe it - "sienzzzz"

Let me make a list of what i need to finish up in these 3 weeks to come

Final Year Project
Reinforced Concrete
Projek Amalan Profesional
Information System
Construction Law & Contract

And today is Friday night..suppose to be enjoyed
and i'm here blogging and doing assignment
although i know Facebooking will use 60% of the time while 20% walk around in the room and only 20% for assignments

I miss my hometown!

actually never thought of starting a blog till there i thought that wanna keep some memories on what i have been doing all these while.

well, at least i didn't think that blog is something bad.

somehow, i think my short term memory lost is not improving :D

So for that, i will put in the first blog as the dedication to pk gang..
actually it's so easy to write about them
well, you don't even have to write about them
no matter how bad my short term memory lost, they will always remain in my heart..
sounds pk huh?

but at least these are the people that actually teach me a lot of stuffs
in terms of






and the way to be more pk so that can prevent yourself being bullied by others

so for that..thank you

hope to see you guys in next holiday :)